In the Fall of 2013 Kevin had the amazing opportunity to freedive on the Korean island of Dokdo to film a documentary with MBC.

Normally tourists can only pop over for about 30 minutes, but we were there for a grand total of 9 nights filming and enjoying the nature of the two small islands. It was an amazing experience, and even better for the fact that he got some amazing high quality video of himself diving. The full documentary is about 45 minutes long, so we have cropped out the just over seven minutes of footage featuring the freedivers. Kevin is easy to spot as 1) he's the only non-korean in the video, and 2) he's got the white long fins and camo suit (didn't have his 5mm Elios yet). Thanks a lot to the Korean Freediving Team and Daegu MBC for making this all happen.

(Sorry Germany... the video has music being blocked there)