When you've only got one breath

What is freediving?

     Simply, freediving is a form of underwater diving that relies on a diver's ability to hold his or her breath until resurfacing rather than on the use of a breathing apparatus such as scuba gear. For everyone the sport is different. Some want to push their limits and dive as deep or long as possible. Others want to use this to catch their own dinner spearfishing. And for some it's simply a way to enjoy snorkeling and underwater photography more.

1Up Freediving

      1Up Freediving is the first English freediving center in Seoul, South Korea. We know that many expats living here in Korea do their best to jet down to tropical islands during their time off here, and so offer freediving education to help you make the most of that. Though you certainly don't need to leave the country to get in some good diving. Korea actually has quite a few great places to learn to dive; from the East Sea if you just want depth quick and easy, to Jeju Island for more beautiful ocean life and the home of the Haenyeo. Through our freediving courses you're able to learn the basics from just helping you be more comfortable in the water when snorkeling, to knowing how to structure your own training to really push your limits and one-up the competition. 


Who We Are

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Dokdo intervew

     Kevin comes from the deserts of Arizona. There he fell in love with rock climbing and yoga. But once in Asia discovered the beauty that are our oceans. While traveling he found a beginner freediving class and from there couldn't get enough. Combining the peace and freedom of being in the water, with the relaxation and mindfulness of yoga, he worked towards becoming an AIDA freediving instructor with We Freedive in Phuket, Thailand. Living in Seoul he's worked with many of the small teams to help further the burgeoning freediving community while continuing to introduce and promote freediving there.

     With a background in communication and education, teaching comes naturally to Kevin and he is able to use this to help connect and explain freediving to each student's individual needs.



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