Education Standards



   1Up Freediving offers classes for the absolute beginner to the competitive level. Following the exacting standards of the International Association for the Development of Apnea, AIDA, you can be sure that the instruction you will receive is world class. 

   Our courses are offered primarily in Seoul, Korea and the East Sea, though during the summer and winter can conduct courses globally. We also do our best to work around busy work schedules in Seoul, and split the pool and open water portions of our courses over two weekends. Which means as our student you're able to learn what you want when and where you want to.

    Our 2 and 3 star courses are also able to be split if you are unable to commit to two full weekends. It is possible to get all the knowledge, and a good foundation of the skills only in the pool. You're also able to sign up for an open water session any time in the future to put yourself to the test and upgrade your certification. Of course, if you just want to get into some warm water right away it's easy enough to finish the theory and pool sessions with us at 1Up Freediving, and then jet down to the tropical paradise of your choice to do the open water sessions. Let us know and we can help you find the best school wherever you're going.  

Discover Freediving (AIDA 1 - 1 Day)

The AIDA 1 course is for the absolute beginner and can be done in a single day. It is designed for anyone who wishes to understand what freediving is and learn the very basics. Through this course you will develop basic freediving skills, knowledge, and safety procedures. After our AIDA 1 course you'll be more comfortable with your snorkeling and maybe even able to make your scuba dives a bit longer and more relaxing.


Learn to Freedive (AIDA 2 - 3 Days)

The AIDA 2 is the foundation course for freediving. It takes place over the course of 3 days and includes two theory sessions, one pool session, and three open water sessions. This is where to start for students who are already comfortable and happy in the water. Throughout this course students will develop a solid understanding of basic freediving knowledge, skills, and safety, as well as an introduction to the sport of freediving with practice in static (STA), dynamic apnea (DYN), free immersion (FIM), and constant weight (CWT).


Upgrade Your Freediving (AIDA 3 - 4 Days)

The AIDA 3 course is a more advanced course, and builds on the skills learnt in the AIDA 2. Here you will develop your skills and knowledge about your physiology during the dive including the Mammilian Dive Response, and the effects of rapidly increasing and decreasing pressure, and how to minimize any risks. More safety procedures, training and relaxation techniques, as well as more advanted skills for your dive and training will be trained. In essence the AIDA 3 teaches a diver how to safely and effectively plan their training sessions to improve what they need or want to focus on in their diving.


One-Up The Competition (AIDA Competition Freediver - 2 Days)

This course may be taken after earning the AIDA 2 qualification and above. Have you got the bug and just need to see how far you can push yourself in national or international AIDA competitions? This course will help students with additional training, as well as instruction by an AIDA International Judge to ensure you're able to comply with all of the AIDA International competition rules and regulations. 


AIDA Competition Safety Freediver (2 Days)

The Competation Safety Freediver course is for AIDA 2 qualified freedivers and above. Here you will learn safety prodedures and competition rules so that you can actively participate as a safety diver in AIDA national or internation competitions. This will make you a more confident buddy in our own diving as well.