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What is the purpose of a freediving course? You don't need a certificate to go diving. All you really need is some fins, a mask and snorkel, a buddy, some deep water, and you're good to know. So why spend the money and time? Really, the reason is quite simple. And it's the same reason that people take guitar lessons, or a cooking class. Why reinvent the wheel?



When I first got into freediving back in 2010 I decided I wanted to get serious, so did some research, found a great school (We Freedive), and signed up to do a 2 and 3 star course back to back. Knowing that the 2 star was the beginner course, and the 3 star was designed to give you the skills to improve on your own (with a buddy of course) it seemed like the best bang for my buck and the time needed. I learned an amazing amount over the course of that week plus, and did things I never thought possible in terms of diving and breath-hold.


After getting back to Korea I wanted to keep up with what I learned so found the Korean Freedive Team online, and started to join in their practices. After talking with some of the regular members of the team I was told that I dived better than many who had been practicing with them for a couple of years; whereas I'd only been into the sport for 2-3 months.


Now I'm not saying that I was inherently more skilled of a freediver than these people. Far from it in some cases. Just that I had worked with a couple of great instructors who helped me step by step, from head to toe (literally), to get me where I was.


A good instructor will do the same for you. That's what we're here for. We can help you learn about your body, what you're doing right and wrong, as well as ensure that you stay safe on all your dive sessions. Additionally, if I meet someone who tells me they're an AIDA 2, 3, or 4 star diver, I now know what responsibilities to give them, and what kind of buddy they'll be.


As an freediving instructor this is also one of the beautiful things about our sport. Students who decide to work with me are doing so not only because they need the certification card, but because they honestly want to learn how to dive. And the more people that learn how to dive and be a good buddy means more people for me to dive with!


Along with learning the skill, perhaps the most important thing you learn from a freediving course is safety. You'll learn how to dive safely and properly. How to ensure you aren't doing damage to yourself through improper equalization. And most importantly, how to be a good buddy for those with whom you're diving, and what to do in case of a problem.


Start here to see if there is an AIDA instructor near you. You can also do a search or ask on the forums. Or contact us here so we can help find what you find someone to learn from.


You'll be amazed what a good instructor can do for you.